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Chapped Lips Remedies

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Natural Alternatives for Treating Chapped Lips

Chapped Lips Home Remedies

Treat chapped lips using lemon.

Treat chapped lips using lemon - Cut a lemon in half and put half a teaspoon of sugar on one half of the lemon. Rub on your lips to remove all the dry dead skin. Then wash with warm water. After that dry your lips and put glycerine on them. The glycerine will help moisten your lips.

Treat chapped lips using an orange - Cut an orange in half and squeeze out the juice. Put the juice onto your lips as often as needed. It may sting at first if your lips are cracked and bleeding but it will certainly help.
Treat chapped lips using an orange.

Treat chapped lips using oils.

Treat chapped lips using oils - There has been 3 types of oils that have actualy worked for me and my chapped lips. These are olive oil, vitamin E oil and aloe vera either fresh aloe vera or aloe oil. I use wichever oil I have in the cupboard at the time. They all work well. Just simply rub a small amount into your lips.

Treat chapped lips using cocoa butter - Applying a small amount of cocoa butter onto your chapped lips every couple of hours will help keep them moist. It is important to keep your lips moist so you don't get chapped lips.
Treat chapped lips using cocoa butter.

Treat chapped lips using a cucumber.

Treat chapped lips using a cucumber - Slice some cucumber and squeeze out as much juice as you can with your hands. Apply the juice to your chapped lips to keep them moist. This can be done whenver necessary.

Treat chapped lips using neem leaves - I have suffered from chapped lips for years now and tried many products that didn't seem to work. One day I was in desperate need of some remedy. I blended together some neem leaves with a drop or two of olive oil and put this my lips. It worked well. My lips were back to normal after just a short time...hours.
Treat chapped lips with neem leaves.

Treat chapped lips using aloe vera jel.

Treat chapped lips using aloe vera jel - Aloe vera jel can be purchased from your local health food store or better still if you have your own plant use a leaf off that and scrape out the jel. Use it on your lips as often as needed. Usually 3 times daily. Aloe vera jel is good for a wide variety of remedies so I'd suggest you plant some yourself and keep in your garden.

Treat chapped lips using vicks vaporub - Take a toothbrush and wet it. Then dip it into some baking soda. Scrub your chapped lips with it to remove any of the dead dry skin. Then dry your lips and rub a small amount of vicks vaporub into them. This remedy works better than any other I have seen.
Treat chapped lips using vicks vaporub.

Treat chapped lips using  vaseline and honey.

Treat chapped lips using vaseline and honey or syrup - Mix together equal parts of vaseline and honey or any kind of syrup and apply it to your chapped lips 3 times a day. DO NOT use vaseline by itself. Vaseline is known to rot the skin and discolor your lips making you look like a corpse.

Treat chapped lips using rose petals - Take a handful of rose petals and blend them to a paste. Add about two tablespoons of olive oil or honey and blend again untill it is mixed well. Keep this mixture in an air tight jar and apply it to chapped lips when needed.
Treat chapped lips using rose petals.

Readers Remedies for Chapped Lips

Remedy By - Unknown
Date -
23 April 2007
My remedy for chapped lips is this, first, apply a thick coat of Vaseline, then...well thats it. Repeat every time lips feel dry. and one more thing DONT LICK YOUR LIPS!

Remedy By - Unknown
Date -
2 March 2007
treatment using white toothpaste: Get some white toothpaste (not gel, it has to be granular), and put a dab on your finger. Kind of smile so that your lips are tight against your bottom row of teeth. Now, gently at first and then harder, rub on the toothpaste in a circular motion until all dead skin is removed. Now wet your finger and water down the toothpaste. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. If you wipe off the toothpaste in its pasty, thick form it can and will tear your lips, 'cause the skin is thinner than a soap bubble membrane.

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